Bob Reynolds - Lead Vocals - Guitar - Harmonica

Mark Slaughter - Guitar - Vocals

Jesse Vasquez - Bass 

Joshua Seth Eagan - Drums - Percussion 


7 Angels’ sound is pure, straight forward in your face rock and roll! 

No gimmicks No apologies! 

Driven by infectious hooks and a groove so wide you can drive a freight train through it, 7 Angels blend organic rock and roll with a classic style of melodic songwriting. The blistering vocals of Bob Reynolds cut through the song like a knife. Bob is a true rock-star vocalist that has an extensive career both signed with major labels including MCA & Atlantic Records, as well as performing on live tours and recordings. Featuring an iconic power and vocal range, he is a mainstay in the Los Angeles music scene. 

Rock n Roll icon Mark Slaughter, shows his virtuoso skills on guitar.  We all know Mark as the fiery lead singer of the iconic multi-platinum band SLAUGHTER, now 7 Angels gives Mark a spotlight to show the the world his first love guitar!  Mark is setting the fretboard on fire very reminiscent of the fire of Jimmy Page and Brian May. 

Giving the bottom to their sound is Jesse Vasquez, who is dripping with soul! Jesse hails from an r-n-b / funk music background that is strongly rooted in groove playing. Being also versed in jazz and latin music has made Jesse an extremely versatile and highly sought after musician. 

Driving the freight train is drummer Joshua Seth Eagan. As a studio musician and producer, he has worked with many high-profile artists and recorded on Grammy Award winning and nominated projects.  Joshua creates a hard driving pocket that lets the rest of the Angels spread their wings!